Cirque -  noun


1.  a circular space or arrangement

2.  a circle; ring

3.  a circus

4. a steep, hollow excavation high on a mountainside, made by glacial erosion; natural amphitheater


Spring Break has finally arrived and, miraculously, the planets that are high school and college have aligned and both of my sons are home during the same week. I usually have trouble staying focused creatively when there are people around, but I am so happy to have my boys home that I won't mind one bit. We don't have any big trip planned, we usually save that for early summer, so we will just hang out and have a good time around here. Maybe I can drag them to a museum or two...

The painting I have been working on this week, "Cirque" has been true to it's name. Really like moving a mountain inside a 30-ring circus, I have been pushing and pulling, adding layers, taking some away, changing direction, regretting decisions and trying to re-create the past, all on one 24 inch square piece of canvas. The challenge I gave myself was to stay in one color palette, this time purple, blue and green. During the painting process, when I hit a wall, I reflexively do one of two things - draw a circle or cover something up. So, I have a lot of circles. And a lot of layers. I also usually paint pretty fast, from start to finish in a day or two, but this has been on my easel for over a week and I keep coming back to it. I'll think it's finished, set it aside, and in the morning the annoying little critic inside me finds one area that needs "a little something more". I kinda wish I had put down the brush when I reached the point of the painting that's below in the bottom left corner.


And now I'm thinking there's something not right about the upper left corner that's gonna drive me crazy if I don't fix it...just one more little tweak...

Day One

Welcome to my new blog!!

Launching has pretty much consumed my life for the last week and I am so happy it's finally live and running pretty smoothly! The first time I tried to play around with a template on Squarespace I really struggled and almost gave up. I have managed a blog on another platform, had an Etsy store for years and also sell my art on, so I felt like I had a decent amount of experience to get my website started, but I was getting so frustrated! After a couple days of dinking around looking at other web hosting options, I came back to Squarespace, found a different template that was much better suited to my needs and skill level, and the rest, they say, is history!

I'm not typically a goal-setter but I am a pretty good list maker. In my mind there is a difference between the two! I see list making as more of a "baby-step" approach. Setting goals seems way too "big picture" for my style. However, it's a new day here at Rebecca Dodson Art, and I'm going to try my best to keep a consistent work ethic which will include blogging here at least once a week, more if I'm having an unusually exciting week. I will blog mostly about my art making process, but I hope to also throw in some "human interest" type stuff when I have some. I really like to cook, so you will probably see some of that here, including recipes. And hopefully I can convince my family to be a part as well.

Thank you for stopping by! If you are interested in keeping up with what's going on in my world, please click below to stay connected. And please, do leave me your comments! I'd really love to get to know you!