I can’t believe it’s already been one month since my last art fair of the season! On September 7th, Steve and I packed up the trailer and headed to Waterloo, Iowa to visit old friends and take part in Artapalooza, a really lovely art fair in downtown Cedar Falls.

I always get a bad case of anxiety before a show. Mostly I worry worry worry about my art fair tent - did I bring all the right pieces? will we have an easy load-in? will I get the booth set up in time? And other more uncontrollable worries like: what will the weather be like? will the crowd be good? will I sell anything?

This time I’m so happy to report that everything worked perfectly!! The fair was incredibly well managed, load-in was a breeze, four adults make for an amazing, record setting tent raising, I had all the right pieces, the crowd was great and I had a surprising number of sales. The weather was lovely but a bit breezy at times and the tent didn’t budge one inch (thank goodness for the awesome tent weights we made!). I met very nice people, had great conversations with art lovers, and finished the day feeling tired but excited and motivated to make more art.