A family trip and a brand new tent!


It's been a busy summer around here! We were able to get out of town for a lovely vacation the week after school let out for the year. This was our second trip to Hilton Head, SC, and we just love the area so much. It's a VERY long car ride from Wisconsin, two 10-hour days, but it is really worth every minute. We ride our bikes everywhere, spend a lot of time on the beach and in the ocean, floating and splashing around. Last year we took a day trip to Charleston to tour the naval ships so this year we took the short drive to Savannah and rode the tour bus around the city. It was a super hot day, we almost melted on the open air trolley, but we had a great time and would love to go back on a cooler day when we can spend more time walking around. We also spent one morning on horseback and on our last day we took a boat ride to "vanishing island" which was a fabulous way to end our much needed vacation.


Now that we're back home, it's time to focus on my next art fair on August 11th in Paoli, Wisconsin. Paoli is a tiny little town but it is a very creative, artistic community so I'm hoping it will be a great fair experience. The most exciting part of this fair will be getting to use my beautiful new Trimline canopy tent with mesh walls!

The EZup tent I used at my first fair worked well, but the grid walls are so heavy to transport and a little clunky to set up. And because I only have 9 panels, I'm just not utilizing all of the space available in my booth.

I was lucky enough to find an artist who was retiring from the art fair circuit and had an amazing booth for sale. He really wanted his entire set-up to go to an emerging artist and I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. I feel so incredibly lucky! This tent is really going to showcase my art in such a professional way. It was a big investment for me, especially with only one art fair under my belt, but taking this plunge is a great motivation to keep me going, finding more art fairs to apply to for next year.

I spent several hours learning how to set it up in my backyard so the process will hopefully go smoothly on fair day. I was able to do the entire build by myself except for the part where you add the last two legs and do the final raising of the canopy. It's an 8 foot tent and I am not a tall gal, so my son had to come out and give me a little extra help. Once it was up and the mesh walls were in place, I played around with hanging some of my art, trying to envision the best use of the space. I cannot wait for the big day! It's going to be a great fair!