Art in the Mill Park

The second Saturday of August I was a vendor at the Art in the Mill Park in Paoli, WI. The fair itself was poorly managed, the attendance was very low due to absence of advertising, and the artists received very little in the way of support from the show staff. As unfortunate as all of that was, the day provided me an opportunity to use my new tent and mesh walls, and get a feeling for what a show is like when it's held in a park setting as opposed to a location with direct load-in access (thank goodness for my wonderful family who schlepped all of my stuff across the wet grass and mud!!).

Lots of lessons were learned and I don't believe I'll be returning to that fair unless the rumors of new management for the 2019 fair are true. I was lucky to meet some very nice people,  and sent a few pieces home with some new admirers, so the day was not a total loss, but also nowhere near the success I had been imagining. I'm guessing there are many artists out there who could share similar bleak fair stories and I'm sure this isn't my last disappointing event, but I sure hope to continue to learn from my experiences and make better choices in the future when planning my fair calendar and sending off my applications with heart in hand.

September 8th I'll be in Cedar Falls, Iowa for Artapalooza. I'm already very impressed with the organization of the fair, the staff has been great with their announcements, communication and advertising, so it should be a great day! I'm just praying for no rain! With all of the rain this region has had over the last 10 days, it seems impossible that it could still be raining by next Saturday! Let's hope!!